Lecture #1: Life Beyond Genetics

Here is the first full lecture hosted by Cornell PEACE Talks.

Jonathan Latham of the Bioscience Resource Project, and editor of Independent Science News, discusses how ideological pressure has changed the modern scientific landscape with respect to the study of genetics.

This has tremendous ramifications for human health. T. Colin Campbell has written before on the over-reliance on genetic determinism in researching degenerative chronic diseases. Putting the role of genetics in its proper place would revolutionize human disease mitigation strategy.

If we would only emphasize lifestyle changes (i.e. plant-based diets) and better education, we would leave most chronic diseases in our past. Unfortunately, our present institutionalized system (which includes Cornell University and higher education in general) has too many flaws to be an effective vehicle for this message. Thus, Cornell PEACE Talks was born!

Thank you Jonathan for laying a beautiful and succinct foundation for the broader study of nutrition and life sciences! We look forward to having you again for our series.