The Cornell PEACE Talks are a living, breathing testament to
academic freedom and scientific integrity. 

This series began as a student-led response to Cornell administration's
unexplained removal of T. Colin Campbell's course on plant-based nutrition
from the course catalogue, and their subsequent refusal to reinstate a similar course.

T. Colin Campbell is Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, and author of The China Study, a revolutionary book by a revolutionary nutritional scientist. Many students are extremely concerned that Colin's important research and discoveries are being marginalized and concealed due to powerful industry influences, such as the meat, dairy, and processed foods industries. Cornell has a deep need for an on-campus, officially recognized course on the science of plant-based nutrition! ...until then, Cornell PEACE Talks will fill that void.

More broadly, Cornell PEACE Talks represents a much-needed shift in academic culture. Students are having to take education into their own hands, even at Ivy League universities. Corporate industry influence on science and academia has reached an all-time high. We hope to begin to reverse this tide